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Hey everybody, sorry about the delay in before this post. I've been extremely busy lately.

The important news is I'll be developing a better pre4.x version of Equipping Overhaul that ought to work much better. It will include some new features as well, but not all of the things that are planned for the 'major release' that's been discussed. This is just to combat the mass of issues that people are having with the mod currently.

Also, Courier Between Worlds is going quite well currently! I have yet to implement custom flash menus because I'm not familiar with the SKSE menu API, but it will happen in good time. When I do get to a proper point in which the framework is done (meaning quest is not, but system is), I will be doing a CLOSED beta for it. I cannot guarantee it will be the highest quality server during the beta, because I'm trying to keep it low cost before the actual release. But that probably won't be until January/February if I continue doing a lot of work on Equipping Overhaul.

Ranger Elite also has not been abandoned, but it's on hold until I finalize some other things. I may consider making preview mods that have the skills but no quest line and such, just for people who want it.
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Post 17th December 2014, 15:03 by chaoruge

Better late than never XD
It's great to have you back, and I got some new Ideas to present to the community later xD

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Post 9th January 2015, 18:07 by UnmeiX

Really, really looking forward to the Equipping Overhaul update. ^^ Tellin' mah friends.

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Post 6th July 2015, 03:29 by Nichoice

Ditto, been waiting for an Equipping Overhaul update. I hope you are still working on it Sad

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Post 8th October 2015, 22:23 by chaoruge

Duuude are you still alive D=?

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