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Posting Organization Policy Empty Posting Organization Policy

Post by DragonDude 20th October 2014, 16:31

This topic is going to be somewhat informal for the time being. It will be developed in the near future, but these policies need to be laid down nonetheless.


Bug Reports
PLEASE make sure you are posting to the correct sub-forum for you version and PLEASE check the already documented bugs (in sticky). These sub-forums are for reporting reproducible bugs. It should be directly related to the mod, not due to hardware performance issues (within reason). Unless the performance can be reliably related to the mod (ex. micro-lag upon switching equipment in EO), it most likely doesn't belong here. It also should not pertain to compatibility issues, unless it is a global issue. For example, a function call that I make/supress causes issues with many other mods (yes, this happens), or possibly can cause major issues. If it's something like the pop-up menus aren't seamless with mod x, it does not belong here. It's nice to know (and it will be fixed), but it's not a bug. If you are unsure if what you are posting belongs here, try putting it in technical assistance. If you are looking for help fixing something, put it in technical assistance. If it is thought to be a notable bug, you will likely be asked to make a bug report. Bug reports should be more formal than assistance topics. Topics in the bugs sub-forums ARE NOT for getting an answer to your question or getting help directly, they are for logging issues that have been found.

Technical Assistance
Any assistance relating to the mod. Anything. Whether it's installation or compatibility or simply a quick question about a feature and how it works. This sub-forum is for getting a direct answer to your topic, and isn't for logging issues. If something you post if notable, you may be asked to make a bug report in a separate sub-forum. When posting, be as specific as possible. Ambiguous and vague topics are not easy to answer. Make sure to mention any other related mods and which versions.

I'll write this later.

Remember, topics can and will be moved if needed. So don't stress too much about if you aren't 100% sure.
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