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Confirmed Future Features

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Confirmed Future Features Empty Confirmed Future Features

Post by DragonDude 19th March 2014, 13:44

This is a list of all confirmed future features.  It is recommended to comment on an existing thread for the feature, or make one if it does not exist, rather than commenting here.


- Overhaul all loadouts and classed entirely to ensure seamlessness and realism
- Give more ingredients and potions to alchemist
- Redo some misc items for a few loadouts
- Integrate Realistic Needs and Diseases
- Randomizer for misc items
- Randomizer for thieves and mages (maybe)
- Integrate Winter is Coming
- Integrate Cloaks of Skyrim
- Integrate Become a Bard


- Loadout based rewards upon reaching milestones (for example, assassins getting a quest or courier message giving them fancy sneak-thief daggers at level 40)
- Stat increase/hindrance based on class
- Perks depending on class loadout


- Alternative start mod
- In game NPCs in various location with these classes (ex. you find a brawler in an inn)
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