Unable to activate "Display crossbow" function

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Unable to activate "Display crossbow" function

Post by kamill0s on 12th March 2015, 15:16

Hello. So today i purchased Dawnguard DLC and wanted to see my new crossbow next to my 1-h sword(I'm using XP32 skeleton). Unfortunately I can't activate "Display crossbow" option and crossbow is only on my back when I have selected it as my actual weapon. I've got installed Dual Sheath Redux, Aesir armor (but not wearing it yet) and Lockpick pro mod. Wrote that just in case if any mod collides with this option. I tried to reinstall Equipping Overhaul but it still doesn't work. I hope for an answer and sorry for my bad english Smile btw my Equipping Overhaul version is 4.25 (the unstable one)(to still have my shield on back while drawning bow).

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