Emergency Weapon Pick-Up

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Emergency Weapon Pick-Up

Post by Woodclaw on 6th March 2015, 11:54

While I really love this mod and it's pretty much a permanent feature in my load order there's one little bit that always left me dubious.
Let's say that I'm in combat and I drop my axe and shield to grab my bow, no problem so far, but if I decide to pick up a shield for emergency cover, I have to go through the inventory and/or favourites list all over again after picking it from the ground, as if I stored it nice a thight. While this feature isn't particularly terrible, I recently discovered a mod from Sagittarius22 called Emergecy Pick-Up (sorry I can't post the link being a new member) that address exactly this problem by making a character in combat automatically equip any weapon/shield he picks up.
I think this would be an excellent addition to Equiping Overhaul since it seem to go exactly in the same direct as all the other features.

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