Dual Sheaths Not Working

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Dual Sheaths Not Working

Post by Taisubaki on 26th December 2014, 04:48

I have installed the Alpha build (4.25) and am unable to see Dual Sheaths in the MCM (not sure if I am supposed to or not but I CAN see the other 3 in there). Dual Sheaths doesn't seem to be working, as I am unable to see any weapons on the left hip. Geared up works for sure, and although I haven't tried the other two yet I feel like they also work (Since they show up in the MCM). I installed the vanilla meshes from DSR as instructed. I have also tried Realistic Weapon Positions and it did not work so maybe it is a skeleton issue?

I am currently using MO and CBPE (have also tried CBBE alone) with the XMP skeleton if that helps.

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