Equipping Overhaul Research

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Equipping Overhaul Research

Remember how I said I was researching some stuff with Equipping Overhaul because there was a major issue? Well I may have thought of something. Maybe. Testing will ensue sometime this week!

Also, I've identified the issue that are occurring with bows and crossbows! I know exactly why it's happening. Despite this, I only have a small idea of what fixing the issue will require. The next release will treat crossbows as if they're bows, so it will only display one or the other. This does mean it could (maybe) be changed in the future so that bows and crossbows can be displayed separately. The main point is both will be usable in game and there won't be all the issues! Also, no more bolts stuck to the player's hands!

The next release won't just be new features and bug fixes notably. I'm rewriting the entire mod from the ground up, overhauling everything. This release will hopefully be 100% perfect in all the core features and mechanics (not including minor tweaks), meaning updates (new features such as those listed on the forum) will be a lot easier to implement. That means releases after the next one will be much quicker!
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Equipping Overhaul Research :: Comments


Post on 13th October 2014, 11:39 by AndreGamer

Hey DragonDude
I'm happy to hear from you after this long time. I'll admit, I was unsure if you were going to abandon EO or modding Skyrim. I'm glad you are still in action.

In a note, I'd like you to know that I stopped playing Skyrim for a long time, and I had started playing again mostly when I found out about EO. I don't know why, but I think it was because it got me immersed again. I stopped plaing again though, when I was waiting for your breakthrough. I kept checking often to see if it were updated, and I'm excited again after seeing your news.

Sorry if this is not the place to write this, I'm not much used to this forum thing. I just wanted to say you are one of my favorite modders on Nexus. Very Happy

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Post on 13th October 2014, 11:59 by DragonDude

Hey Andre,
Yah, I've been going back and forth between being really busy and not, so sometimes I have to disappear for a little. But I'm usually working on stuff in the background!

I'm glad to hear that my mod had such an impact! I'm quite shocked at how essential people are finding it!

Also, sometimes I release news a little early then people get too pumped and I rush it, but I'm trying to not do that this time. I want it to be just perfect before I put it out! So, I'll keep giving you status updates! The second I have a good ETA I'll be sure to tell everyone Very Happy

And this was definitely the right place for this comment! It's not too strict of a guideline, but if something was really in the wrong place it's pretty easy for me to move it Very Happy

Oh, and welcome to the site!

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