Site Art, Mod Descriptions, and Groups

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Site Art, Mod Descriptions, and Groups

Post by DragonDude on 26th September 2014, 13:55

DragonDude Mods is currently using place holder artwork. Everything except the header is completely temporary, so expect some changes. If you are an artist and want to speed up the process, any help would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, don't worry, time to work on art will be found eventually.

Also, there is some issues with the mod description layout. Currently any completed mods have links to their corresponding Nexus Mods pages to serve as a description. This is not entirely desirable for many reasons, but will remain like that for the time being. That being said, no guarantee can be made for how up-to-date the information on the Nexus pages will be. Because all the mods are in-progress, it can be difficult to organize and include information pertaining to current version and future plans.

Lastly, you may have noticed several 'groups' exist on the site. They can be found by visiting the Groups tab within the navigation bar. If you wish to become a moderator please submit a request on the group page. You will be messaged as soon as possible. Do not abuse the group membership request feature, only request to become a moderator if you truly mean it and plan to carry out the duties of a moderator.

Also, there is a developers group! Membership is not limited to people developing mods for DragonDude Mods. If you do any sort of software development, especially game modification, please submit a membership request! You will be given access to special forums dedicated to developers, including methods to seek assistance on your current projects.

If you have any suggestions for the site or for DragonDude Mods please voice them!
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