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Planned Product

Post by DragonDude on 16th April 2014, 14:58

Ranger Elite is a unique mod that will revolutionize many aspects of being a ranger type character. Currently, using a bow in Skyrim can be quite uneventful. Ranger Elite fixes that by adding new skills and abilities for ranger's to use, including, but not limited to:

- Dual Arrows. This stamina consuming skill allows the user to notch and fire two arrows at once. It can deliver deadly damage while maintaining a low arrow spread.

- Arrow Cones. Many fantasy games feature this ability, which allows the user to fire multiple arrows in a cone formation. This allows many targets to be neutralized at once, especially when used with poisons.

- Hail of Arrows. A ranger's ultimate trump card. This is a mid-long range attack in which the user looses a quick and numerous succession of arrows at a high angled trajectory. Makin' it rain.

- Rope Arrows. It seams slightly superfluous to have ropes tied to arrows, seeing as its only affect is that your range is limited. That is, until that rope is used to drag targets of cliffs among other things.

Atop this amazing set of skills is an immersive method of obtaining them. This will be kept secret, but I will say that it may involve a little trip to Valenwood.
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