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Ground Rules

Post by DragonDude on 17th March 2014, 16:52

Welcome to DragonDude Mods!  It is awesome that you want to participate to this community, but first there are some ground rules that must be established.  It is asked that you please read this regardless of previous experience on other forums.  Below is a list of topics that must be considered when posting any content on this site.


The first thing that must be addressed is what audience will be using the site.  The minimum age is 13, like most forums and online websites.  That being said, you do not have to cater to younger audiences.  What is required is that you and your language remain respectful towards everyone using the site.  If you feel a thread is below you then ignore it and move on (unless it breaks the rules, then report it).  You will not be penalized for being caught swearing, but vulgarity will not be accepted.


Flaming is insulting a person or a group of people, whether specific or general.  Demeaning people for any reason, especially for having different views than you, will result in instant banning.  "Flame Wars" occur when both parties partake in flaming.  Neither party will be spared in the repercussions of a flame war, despite whoever instigated it (see Trolling).  If you are being flamed or trolled, report the user and move on.  The appropriate action will be taken by a moderator and to ensure the thread remains on topic the offending post(s) will be removed.


Trolling is posting content that you now will result in negativity and nasty responses (see Flaming).  Goading people like this will result in warnings and after repeated offences, banning.


Spam is considered to be posting unrelated content on a thread (see Hijacking), posting on a thread without supplying any productive content (see Bumping), and/or repeatedly posting for the sole purpose of gaining attention.  Repeated offences will result in restrictions on using the site and its features.


Bumping is strictly prohibited on this site.  Bumping is adding a post to a thread without new and purposeful information, usually to bring (or bump) the thread back to the top of the forums.  Bumping will not be necessary on this site because it will not increase the chances of getting more responses.  If the thread has died there is likely a reason.  Try rewording your initial post to be more specific and legible.  Bumping can result in the deletion of a thread and repeated occurrences will result in restrictions if not banning.


Hijacking is posting unrelated information or content in a thread.  Whether this is to gain attention or to steer people off topic, moderators will delete the offending post(s).


Thread resurrection is not necessarily bad nor a bannable offence.  If you have something significantly important or constructive that will add to the discussion then it is encouraged, despite the thread's age or inactivity.  Otherwise, it's frowned upon and will be considered spam and/or bumping.


Attempting to perform a moderator's job will not be accepted on this site.  If someone has broken the rules then use the "Report" button and a moderator will handle it as soon as possible.  You do not need to illustrate the rules to the user nor do you need to take any matters into your own hands.  Most importantly, keep yourself from contributing to the offence by moving on once the thread has been reported.
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