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Planned Product

Post by DragonDude on 15th April 2014, 18:52

KSP Explosives is a simple-yet-effective plugin that provides two new part types with unique properties. The first type is ExplosiveTank, which makes the part realistically explode based on the resources it contains. The second type is ExplosiveWarhead, which explodes on collision with properties specified in the part cfg. Properties include explosive type (kinetic, ballistic, nuclear), blast radius, destruction radius, etc.

All explosions generated by these parts are coupled with enhanced unity explosion graphics, providing some uniqueness to there destructive capability, while still adhering to Squad's graphic style. As well as graphics, explosions of these parts are real physics explosions. They destroy other parts (and can cause deadly chain explosions when fuel is involved) and use the unity physics engine to simulate explosions.

Atop the new part types, there are two different ModuleManager CFGs for you to choose from that implement these part types into game parts. The primary CFG uses ModuleManager's wildcards to change all 'fuel parts' (fuel parts being parts that contain certain resources) to the necessary part types. All stock parts that contain resources like liquid fuel are 'part' type parts, meaning changing there type has no adverse affects. This cannot be said for all mod added parts, though it would uncommon for them not to be. On the rare occasion that a mod part containing liquid fuel needs to keep its part type, then the second ModuleManager CFG changes only the stock parts. Eventually 'safe to edit' popular mod parts will also be populated into the second ModuleManager CFG.
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