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Planned Product

Post by DragonDude on 15th April 2014, 13:41

Courier Between Worlds is a giant project that shall lay down a framework for a new style of Skyrim modding. This main element of the mod is to enable interactions between the Skyrim game client and servers across the internet. In other words, Skyrim will become 'multiplayer', in a sense.

The framework itself will allow for secure Skyrim-server interactions using the standard SKSE launcher. Natively integrated into the mod will be a system of trading and communication between different players immersively in-game. As always, it will be seamless to the game, compatible with all other mods, and be easy to use.

All of the in-game communication will take place via a 'post-office' (spoiler: aedric in nature). A quest will give the player access to said location, which not only will add to the immersion, but will also deter spam accounts among other things. Upon completing the quest the player will be given a UserID, which will be their identification for any communication (think Nintendo game IDs). Once in the 'post-office', the player can speak with multiple NPCs, who offer the options of sending and receiving packages.

Sending is simple, just select the package type, select the recipient, and fill out the different components of the package. These packages can be one of several types:
1. Letter. This package will be a simple text-based message which can be sent to other players.
2. Fixed trade. This package will have a text-based message. Also, the sender will give the courier an item(s) to send, as well as specifying an amount of gold to request from the receiver. When the receiver reads the package, they can accept or deny the trade. Accepting removes the gold from the receiver to give to the sender and gives the receiver the item. Denying returns the item to the sender.
3. Barter trade. This package will consist of a text-based message, a specified gold amount, and an item(s). The receiver can accept the trade, deny the trade, or counter the trade. Countering the trade allows them to specify an new gold amount. Once a trade has been countered, it is returned to the sender, who can accept the new trade specifications, deny (cancelling) the trade, or counter once again.

Receiving packages shows all the packages which have been sent to the player (using their UserID). They can then view the packages. When viewing/reading a letter, the player can discard it or save it for later viewing. Trades can also be saved for later viewing/responding atop being accepted/denied/countered.

All this occurs in a secure, reliable, and efficient system. Network usage will be minimized to queries when the player sends/receives, meaning it only access the network when needed and when it does it will use almost no bandwidth.

Notably, this is also a framework. There are all these native features, but the system will be easily expandable to new concepts and features, such as auction houses! Whatever the community can think of!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please put up concerns, feedback, and suggestions on the corresponding forum!
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