Confirmed Future Features

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Confirmed Future Features

Post by DragonDude on 19th March 2014, 13:42

This is a list of all confirmed future features.  It is recommended to comment on an existing thread for the feature, or make one if it does not exist, rather than commenting here.


- Removing the need for mesh packs entirely. This will take some time, but I have an idea on how to do it.
- Sheathing shields onto your back for all those people who miss it.
- More tweaking for less clipping with shield on back. It will distance the shield if anything is displayed on back.
- Displaying favourited torches!
- Merger with Realistic Weapon Positions.


- Multilingual support. Integrated directly into the main version of the mod.
- Proper armor equipping (think: Armor Animations with realistic animations for each type of equipment and some special features)


- NPCs. It is completely possible, but I won't work on it until Geared Up and Dual Sheaths is 100% complete and stable.
- Optional method to auto-equip picked up weapons/items
- Optional dropped lit torch fire spread
- Torches extinguishing based on dampness and time.
- Auto-unequip arrows (will have arrows equipped when bow is in favorites or equipped, auto-unequips otherwise)
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