Initial Site Construction

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Initial Site Construction

Post by DragonDude on 17th March 2014, 13:11

So the construction of the site has begun and there is plenty of work remaining. The first things that have been completed are setting the moderation system, the user ranking system (experimental) and starting all the necessary categories/forums.

The site's graphics and various base properties are still being set up, but content is a larger focus currently. The next order of business is setting the site rules and etiquette sections. After that the descriptions of the established mods will be filled (information forum). Lastly the WIP mods information will be filled.

You may have noticed that the mod categories are very modularized. This is primarily to ensure that content like bug reports and suggestion gets the proper amount of attention. There will be a sticky post in each bug forum stating all the confirmed bugs. Additionally, the information forum of the mod category will have a future features thread, stating all the features that will be added (or have been considered).

Also, you might have seen that there is a 'dev blog'. I will use this heavily to inform people about what's going on, once it is figured out how the blogs work. Who knows when that will happen.

Following all that, the various bits of the site will come together and everything will be set up in full. The final thing will be perfecting the site layout, including its images and colour scheme. Feedback and suggestion on this would always be appreciated!
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